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Investment Corporation of Africa

Unlocking and transforming Africa's true potential through Foreign Direct Investment

Executive Summary 

In the world of finance, the quest for stability, security, and economic growth has led to various innovations. Among the most revolutionary is the advent of digital currencies, which have disrupted traditional financial systems and introduced new paradigms of economic exchange. The Investment Corporation of Africa, the Bank, and their digital currency, Black Coin, represent a unique innovation that has the potential to redefine the concept of value and transform the financial landscape of Africa, and potentially, the world.

The global economy is primarily dominated by fiat currencies such as the USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, and CNY. These currencies are regulated by the respective central banks of their countries and are subject to monetary policy decisions, geopolitical tensions, and economic fluctuations. During periods of crises and inflation, these currencies often devalue, leading to financial instability. However, they have been the backbone of global trade and investment due to their widespread acceptance and the economic strength of the countries issuing them.


In contrast, Black Coin offers a unique proposition: a digital currency backed by real assets - Africa's abundant natural resources. This backing provides Black Coin with inherent stability, as the value of natural resources tends not to fluctuate as dramatically as fiat currencies. Moreover, it provides a tangible and intrinsic value to the digital currency, distinguishing it from other cryptocurrencies that are often criticized for their perceived lack of 'real' value.


The Investment Corporation of Africa and the Bank play crucial roles in this innovative project. The Investment Corporation of Africa acts as the holding company that owns the Bank, which in turn owns Black Coin. This structure adds a layer of credibility and regulatory compliance to the operations of Black Coin, as these entities are subject to the stringent financial regulations of the Dubai International Financial Center, where they are based.


The combination of the Investment Corporation of Africa, the Bank, and Black Coin presents a compelling investment opportunity. Unlike fiat currencies, which are subject to inflation and devaluation during crises, Black Coin, backed by tangible assets, offers a more stable and secure investment. Furthermore, the project's focus on promoting economic growth and financial inclusion in Africa aligns with global development goals, adding a dimension of social impact to the investment.

In conclusion, the combination of the Investment Corporation of Africa, the Bank, and Black Coin represents a new era in the world of finance. By leveraging the stability of natural resources and the advantages of digital currencies, this project offers a robust and sustainable alternative to traditional fiat currencies. As this model matures and gains acceptance, it could potentially redefine the concept of value and the structure of global finance.

Our Mission


ICA is dedicated to resolving challenges such as FDI complexity, access to capital, and economic colonialism. By converting Africa's underutilized natural resources into strategic assets, we aim to establish a new paradigm of global partnerships and financial inclusion.


Our Solution


ICA, alongside its subsidiary bank, will introduce the world's first cryptocurrency backed by natural resources. Black Coin, the digital currency, will be supported by a diverse array of minerals such as gold, diamonds, platinum, cobalt, tantalum, natural gas, chromium, manganese, bauxite, agriculture land, among others, ensuring its stability and real-world value. Our goal is to use this innovative financial tool to drive economic growth and attract foreign direct investment into Africa and to the Countries that are partners of ICA.


Market Opportunity 


Foreign Direct Investment (FDI): Africa is a significant destination for FDI, with inflows reaching a record $83 billion in 2021. ICA, through its innovative financial solutions, can attract more FDI into Africa, further boosting the continent's economic growth​.


Demand for Resource-backed Assets: With increasing market volatility, there is a growing demand for assets backed by tangible resources. Black Coin, backed by Africa's natural resources, can meet this demand, offering a stable and reliable investment opportunity.


Blockchain Technology in Finance: The adoption of blockchain technology in financial services is on the rise. By leveraging this technology, Black Coin can offer secure, transparent, and efficient financial solutions, setting a new standard for financial transactions in Africa.


The combination of expanding commodity trade, increasing adoption of digital currencies, potential for financial inclusion, FDI, demand for resource-backed assets, and the rise of blockchain technology in finance presents a compelling market opportunity for ICA.


If you want to learn more about the Investment Corporation of Africa you can download the Whitepaper on the link below:


Investment Corporation of Africa

Join Us

We invite interested partners and countries with natural resources reserves to become part of this transformative project. Together, we can unlock Africa's potential and pave the way for a prosperous future.

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