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Africa FDI Digital is an inspiring performance marketing service built by Capital Consulting to help Foreign Investment Agencies in Africa access our global network by promoting Promotional Video of their Country via our YouTube Channel.

Access to the channel is Free. Only condition we have is Capital Consulting will only publish high quality promotional videos such as:  

* African Countries Tourism Promotional Videos; 

* Corporate Invest in Africa Videos;

* Documentaries to change minds and inspire people; 

* Interviews of Great African Leaders with a track record of Leadership; 

* Inspirational Stories.

At Capital Consulting we’re structured for speed and efficiency in order to meet the everchanging needs of today’s investors.

We help Foreign Investment Agencies deliver the right content to investors in the right context.









Visit Africa FDI Digital YouTube channel to learn more about What is Africa all about and Why we believe in Africa. Subscribe, Invite your Network to promote it so we can reach as many people as possible.

Contact us at the following email to learn more how can we help you Promote your Country via our network:

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us via email or via our social media channels.

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