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Invest in Africa

Our focus for promotion of Foreign Direct Investment is Africa. For this reason we focus all our energy to attract capital from our investors network in various markets (USA, GCC, Europe, Asia) for investment opportunities in Africa.

Why Africa? Which Countries should you invest? Which sectors? Talk us and we will guide you. 

As investors ourselves, and Foreign Direct Investment Advisors we help Investors and Governments invest with Transparency, Trust, Security, Long Term Vision & Peace of Mind.

Besides our global network Capital Consulting is a strategic partner of the  ATIGS Group, Inc (Africa Trade & Investment Global Services) which is a trade promotion, project facilitation and development company that provides business development services to companies looking to expand or establish their business operations in Africa.

Capital Consulting supports ATIGS Group in connecting global investors with investment opportunities across Africa.

ATIGS Group consists of a portfolio of initiatives including Africa Trade & Investment Global Summit (ATIGS Worldwide), ATIGS Investors Summit Series, ATIGS Awards Ceremony, Africa FDI Shark Tank, Bankable Projects Showcase, ATIGS CEO Network, Cities Network on Trade and Investment, ATIGS Business Matchmaking, Africa Worldwide Alliance Partnerships (AfriWAPA), Africa FDI Academy, and ATIGS Deal Marketplace.

ATIGS Group also markets new development solutions, and organize a wide spectrum of global, regional and national activities pertaining to trade and investment, and collaborate with UN system agencies, trade promotional organizations (TPO’s), Investment Promotional Agencies (IPA’s), national governments, and multilateral organizations who have needs for development solutions that would impact and support their programmatic activities in various areas of sustainable economic development.

ATIGS is a unique business platform to foster relationships and engage efficiently with key influencers and investors from every corner of the world. During a period of two days, Vice presidents, Ministers, Governors, Business Executives, top CEOs, international investors and companies seeking to expand in African markets are gathered in one single place to discuss concrete investment projects and establish strategic partnerships through thematic workshops, presentations, and networking sessions.

In 2018 we hosted the premier ATIGS in the United States, on June 24-26 in Washington DC at the Ronald Reagan Building and World Trade Center with the support of the US Government and the Mayor of Washington. With more than 2,345 delegates from 92 countries, ATIGS USA 2018 was a great success for both the hosting country, sponsors and the participants. High-potential industries and companies were presented to a select audience which led to direct engagement, deal-making, co-investments and the establishment of business partnerships.

See below images of our successful ATIGS USA 2018.

The huge potential of the African market and the new dynamic initiated by governments make us believe that future ATIGS events will be an amazing opportunity to showcase fundable companies and bankable projects. Hosting this event is a huge contribution to the development of Africa. 

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