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Global demand for fine wine has increased significantly over the past few decades. Wine is no longer just an object of enjoyment - it is now considered a serious investment commodity. Only a tiny fraction of the world's wines increases in financial value over time. We believe our wine fits this category.

Fogo Island Wine is a rare exclusive limited-edition wine produced in an Island with an active Volcano that is so amazing that it will blow any wine connoisseur mind.


It is one of the rarest wines production and wine type in the world.

Only a limited number of cases are produced each year.

The wine is produced in an island named Fogo (which means Fire) in the Cape Verde Islands. One of our Exclusive Wine brand is named Maria Chaves.

Facing extreme weather conditions that no other wine in the world knows, with no rain at all and with the risk of crops being totally destroyed by an active volcano this wine making process is like trying to produce wine on Mars and bring it safe back to earth.

The volcano last eruption was in November 2014.









Maria Chaves wine production facility is a state-of-the-art factory. The farmers and the people from Fogo Island are so fearless that they get back up again like a Phoenix every time there is another Volcano Eruption.

Wine farming and production in Fogo Island is a 120-year-old wine tradition and like the locals say "we are not going to let a little thing like a Volcano stop us from farming our wine".

This is the reason our Wine Commodities Division logo has a Phoenix inside a Wine Cup.









Maria Chaves Wine Farm

Soil type: Basalt & Volcanic mix with inert lava sand.

Farm location: Maria Chaves Farm - Fogo Island, Cape Verde.

Cultivation process of the grapes:

Because of the environmental characteristics and the grapes cultivated, the wines are full bodied and rich in color, extracts and alcohol.


The lands used for grapevine cultivation are those unoccupied by lava flows, of mid to steep inclines, characterized by the presence of a shallow layer thick with inert lava sand. To plant grapevines this layer is removed to reach the fertile soil.


The system of cultivation and pruning is likened to the alberello system practiced in warm, dry and windy Mediterranean zones.


Farmers: producing organic grapes at Maria Chaves Wine Farm for processing at Maria Chaves State of the art wine factory.


Harvest: two harvest per year done manually by hand.


Average production of bottles per year: 50.000.


Factory processing capacity: 1.000.000 bottles.

Our Processing Factory


















Our Wines











Success Story

Two of our Wines have won Gold Medals in the 2018 Mondial des Vins Extremes CERVIM.


Source: Download the 2018 Mondial des Vins Extremes Guide of Award Wining Wines to learn more about how exclusive our Wines are (Read Pages 32-33).   






















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Gold Medals at Mondial des Vins Extremes
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